We would appreciate more members!

Regnskogsföreningen is a civil society organisation (CSO). All help in the form of grants, donations and volunteers are important to us. We are a dedicated bunch, passionate about protecting rain forests, its indigenous peoples and species diversity. By getting involved in our association, you can make a difference!

Membership in the association costs SEK 100 per year. As a member you contribute directly to financing the training of reserve guards in the rainforests of the Carib corridor, stimulating indigenous tribes and quilombolas towards democratic self-governance, and developing environmentally sustainable sources of income.

You become a member by paying SEK 100 to bankgiro 836-3194 or to Swish (from a Swedish phone) 123 0259 226. Please enter your name and e-mail. For donations, insert any amount in the same Bankgiro 836-3194. Please state "donation".

Your contribution will go to projects in progress. The projects in Brazil and Regnskogsföreningen are annually reviewed by certified public accountants and monitored by Forum Syd. This ensures that projects are managed in accordance with the plan.

You can also support our activities through voluntary work. Please contact us if you are interested!


Become a member
Bankgiro 836-3194
Swish 123 0259 226
SEK 100, please write your name and e-mail

For donations
Bankgiro 836-3194
Iban SE0550000000052221181786
Please write "donation"