In 2021-2022 Regnskogsföreningen focuses on extended cooperation with indigenous peoples and quilombolas (slave descendants) in the northern Amazon. Our partnerships are always based on long-term relationships, in which we know our partners and regularly monitor their work. Our point of departure is to always work with people who live in the rainforest, as they are the forest's natural guardians.

Although the members of Regnskogsföreningen have been involved in many projects in the past, the only project presented and translated into English on this website is the ongoing one. In 2021-2022 Regnskogsföreningen supports a two-year program in the Amazon called “Attaining the integrity of Karib the world´s largest rainforest conservation region, with communities strengthened and drivers of deforestation in buffer regions reduced". The project aims to attain the integrity of the Karib Eco-Corridor (Calha Norte) in the northern Brazilian Amazon. With 28 million hectares this is the world´s largest rain forest conservation region and has a global impact on climate change and biodiversity. Traditional, poor and marginalized communities including indigenous tribes, Afro-Brazilian slave-descendant and Riverine communities living there will be strengthened by increasing their capacity to work with local government, civil society and the private sector. The implementation of public policies and partnership projects targeted with these marginalized communities will be facilitated. Additionally, the project will work with civil society organizations, municipalities and protected areas management government agencies to develop mechanisms for an integrated management and protection strategy. Increasing pressures from outside actors will be addressed including with direct interventions to implement and scale models of sustainable cattle ranching which is a major driver of deforestation. Through their planning and management instruments and under the leadership of their organizations, communities will be assisted in improving their quality of life while promoting sustainable use of natural resources within a rainforest corridor nearly two thirds of the size of Sweden. The project should be seen against the sharply worsening national political situation for traditional populations and the rain forests. There are many steps left, but surprisingly this proposed project represents the main effort striving towards a comprehensive strategy for the protection of Karib in harmony with the communities who call it home.

There are many activities linked to the expected results, and in order for you to get acquainted with some of those you can read the updates in English here (links lead to English texts) - even older ones are of relevance as this is what the present project is built upon. Some more recent articles are dedicated to the people living in the project areas.

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Our aim is to finance the projects, as far as possible, with funding from ForumCiv (who are funded by the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency, Sida), through a contribution of 5% collected by contributions and donations made directly to Regnskogsföreningen. A member contributes through membership fees, and possibly by additional voluntary contributions. The management of Regnskogsföreningen is financed by separate contributions from ForumCiv, and by the volunteers of Regnskogsföreningen.