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The workshop launched a new phase in the New Technologies and Traditional Communities program entitled “Sharing Worlds” where the data collected by the communities is analysed and transformed to help them share their realities with the world and jointly help look for solutions to many of the the challenges raised.

Data Sprint Workshop - New Technologies - "Sharing worlds"

On July 6-8, young Quilombolas from Oriximiná, Para learned to use data and statistics to improve community life. They participated in a data sprint workshop promoted by the ECAM in partnership with the Brazilian Institute for Research and Data Analysis (IBPAD), with support from USAID within the Sustainable Territories Program and New Technologies Program. The goal was to teach them how to use statistical surveys to identify community problems and build life plans, pointing out ways and solutions.

The intention was to offer technological tools so they could systematize and structure their needs, such as basic sanitation, drinking water, education, health services, among others.

The sprint data allows one to get results based on data quickly and objectively. With this, it was possible to investigate and collect data to raise hypotheses of solutions or directions, which will be studied through mathematical and / or statistical modeling. They will be able to structure life plans and design projects to present to the government, private companies and other institutions that can subsidize or create partnerships to solve the problems raised.

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