The strengthening of associations is contributing to the development

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 Workshop in Pará

Each community needs their representative, someone they identify with and who helps them secure their rights. Many associations play this role in the regions where they operate, but the path to legalization is full of procedures and requires a great deal of judicial, tax and fiscal knowledge. This is also one of the reasons why various associations end up failing and lose the dream of fighting for the rights of their associates. But a good example of a lot of determination and disposition appears in the history of the group "Margaridas de Faro", which struggles to create an association for the defense of women's rights.


Margaridas de Faro

The Rainforest Society supports groups such as the "Margaridas de Faro" and several communities that seek to acquire knowledge about Tax and Tax Law Regularization, which was the theme of the workshop held in Oriximiná, Faro and Terra Santa. These and other workshops help associations, identified in the region of Calha Norte (Pará), to strengthen their capacity to face legal issues, something which appears very complex. In addition, the representatives of the associations are encouraged to prepare pre-projects that contribute to the improvements of their reality through visual techniques of easy understanding.

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Project preparation workshop in the region of Calha Norte (Pará)



Preparations of "Life Plans"

The future of communities is a subject intensely discussed by associations, and this is where the so-called Life Plan comes into play. A land management plan developed with the participation of the whole community. "We used to say that the communities had a dream, but they didn’t know how to put it on paper or how to ask from the authorities. Today we have a plan that will be talking about all the issues and that makes people bring projects to be developed inside the communities, "said Rogério Pereira, member of Arqmo - Association of Quilombola Communities of Oriximiná Board.

These and other initiatives encourage the strengthening of community management, through workshops, trainings and meetings.


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"Today we have a plan that will be talking about all the issues and that makes people bring projects to be developed inside the communities" says Rogério Pereira.